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Gazebo overlooking pond and garden
​   Angel is the ruler of the pond, and Jack our fav,a calico koi now in the big pond in the sky.
About Happy Otter Pond and Garden Supplies,LLC

​ Jim and Jean Braden wanted to do something different for their 20th wedding anniversary   present in 2000, so they decided on a big back yard project. Jim wanted a pond and  Jean  wanted a gazebo, after many designs they agreed on the one they liked the best. Jim took a two week vacation from work, a backhoe was hired to dig the pond and the work began! At the end of two weeks, with the help of friends, the pond was dug, filled, an old fashioned black iron fence was installed, gravel paths were laid out, flower beds were designed and trees were planted. The gazebo was installed the next summer. The pond became the talk of the town! Jim and Jean were asked to host pond and garden tours for community fund raisers, garden clubs and private partys. Over the course of the years a lot of interest was paid to the pond, Jim and Jean were asked many questions about the fish, what we did with them in the winter, how deep a pond should be and things of that nature. With the advice of expierenced ponders and with our own trial and error learning we have developed a knowledge of ponding we are eager to share with others. As a result The Happy Otter Pond & Garden Supplies LLC, a home based business was established in 2008, located on a historic property on Grimmell Rd. in Jefferson, Iowa, supplying Greene County and the surrounding area quality water garden products.
Jean Braden; Proprietor
300 S. Grimmell Rd.
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